Prince of Wales Road Walking, Cycling and Road Safety Improvements

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Added by Jean Dollimore

Camden is consulting on proposed improvements on Prince of Wales Road. They note that the majority of the collisions in the last 36 months have taken place at the Prince of Wales Road/ Haverstock Hill junction and the Malden Road/ Prince of Wales junction and have involved vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists and powered two-wheelers).

Camden notes that TfL’s Strategic Cycling Analysis (SCA) identifies Prince of Wales Road as in the top 5-10% of roads in the London with the highest cycle flows. Also, the SCA identifies Prince of Wales Road as having high potential to contribute towards addressing London’s greatest cycling needs, through forming part of a wider cycling network.

The proposed measures include:

- improvements at the junctions with Malden Road and Haverstock Hill

- a westbound segregated cycle track

Camden states that there is not sufficient road width for a cycle track in both directions without removing a substantial amount of residents’ parking. They propose a design for a westbound cycle track with stepped tracks, floating bus stops and with parking bays outside the track.


September 10th, 2018 14:00


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